This is the website for my dissertation research / next game. Not sure what to call it yet, but I’ll use Delve for now. The pre-alpha release is slated for Spring 2018, but this is a long-form project which I intend to continue developing for the next five years or so. I’m hoping to release public prototypes once every three months after pre-alpha.

Cool. What is it?

There will be more details soon, but for now we’ll go with the super-short version: I’m creating an ontology-driven game focused around NPC interaction, as a way of exploring how to coordinate PCG systems for figurative modes of expressivity by harnessing the power of semantic tagging!

Wait what?

You navigate the treacherous waters of faerie court social intrigue by Inceptioning into characters’ minds and changing their memories! It’s a first-person 3D game. You can find out more about the world here.

Wait Who Are You?

Jacob Garbe
Oh! Sorry. I’m Jacob Garbe, an indie dev / PhD student at UC Santa Cruz in the Expressive Intelligence Studio. You might have heard of my previous narrative game, The Ice-Bound Concordance. I like making rich, system-driven generative narratives pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling. I’m really excited about this project, and once I get more content on this site, hopefully you will be too!