Playable Prototype

January 2017- Beachhead

the Substrate


This is the first interactive prototype, so it’s more of an interface to explore how the systems behave than anything remotely resembling a game. This evolving JS prototype will eventually be used to get player feedback on some of the underlying assumptions, while I (and possibly others) toil at the 3D realization angle in Unity this year. The biggest goal of this first prototype was to get a large chunk of the generative systems working in concert.


  • Knowledgebase / ontology (I call it the Substrate)-driven generation of:
    • palace façades (text description)
    • palace layout (text description)
    • room decoration (text description)
    • memory objects (text description)
  • Semantic tag-driven object affordances:
    • breaking and burning objects
  • Attribute grammar-driven memory generation (courtesy of James Ryan‘s Expressionist)
  • A force-directed graph of the Substrate
    • nice to look at, but not terribly useful. I’ll probably be switching to a different visualization approach, as much as it breaks my heart.